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How to See WhatsApp Status without them Knowing

Whatsapp a freeware app which is now owned by Facebook and is commonly used by every citizen. It is used by about 200 million peoples .whatsapp is easy to use with so many friendly features.

But many people are not aware of every feature. Whatsapp is not only a messaging app it can be used to make video and audio calls with no charges. Additionally, its most active user 1billion plus which quite higher than other apps.

How to See Others Whatsapp Status Without Knowing them

WhatsApp already has many features that are still hidden. As many Whatsapp users don’t know about them and one of them is to See Other Whatsapp Status Without Actually Knowing them. Yes, you can secretly watch your contacts status without showing that you have seen there status.

As many times we want to check someone’s status but we don’t want them to know that we have seen it. We want to hide our status seen from WhatsApp and for this WhatsApp is having a feature.

Steps to Hide Whatsapp Status seen

Steps to Hide Whatsapp Status seen
  1. Open Whatsapp Settings.
  2. Then go to Account.
  3. Inside account click on Privacy.
  4. Now Search for Read receipts. On read receipts by default it’s ticked as ON.
  5. You need to turn OFF (Untick).
  6. Now you can see the status which you want to stalk without knowing them.

But remember let it be turned off till that status is gone otherwise if you turned on they can see you in the list of watched. Also when receipt is off all the status which you seeing or someone is watching yours in both cases you are not in the picture till it is off.

Even when you are sending messages only delivered will be seen and while you got messages after reading also it won’t appear that you have read. It’s like you are away from the picture.   Lots of many features are there I will be sharing more articles about other features. Stay connected.

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