Quickly Change Instagram Name Without waiting 14 Days

How to Change Instagram Name Within 14 Days 

In this, I’m going to tell you How to change your Instagram name before 14 days waiting period. So every one of you probably trying it through the conventional method and most probably you failed to change it. I will tell you a new method using this you can change your Instagram Name without waiting 14 days.

What happens when you Change your Instagram Name

There is No major change happens when you change your Instagram name But if you are changing you’re Instagram name repeatedly it is a very bad practice as it negatively impacts your profile presence on Instagram. And after the new rule introduced by Instagram the user cannot change the Instagram change name more than twice, Means once you change Instagram name twice than your old name will be locked for 14 days.

What happens after Changing Instagram Name Twice

You can’t change your name right now because you’ve changed it twice within 14 days.
You may be facing this issue after changing your Instagram name twice this message will popup every time after you are trying to edit your name again. You have to wait for 14 days as per Instagram updated there rule, So that they keep their community free from spammers and fake accounts who change there name repeatedly. People started to enjoy this as prank making their friends and to change their Instagram name twice which ultimately lock the user to change the name again and it’s now getting in the wrong direction as many Instagram user including verified account suffering from this Instagram name change prank. This name change update came to reduce spammers and fake accounts who frequently changes there name but people started misusing this and playing a prank with the legit Instagram user account.



How to Change Instagram Name

To change your Instagram name in 2020 you have to open your Instagram account either you are using mobile or desktop PC login into Instagram Account.
For Desktop: Login Here
For Mobile: Android Login Here
iPhone Login Here
After Login Instagram account

  1. Open your Profile from bottom left 
  2. Then, Tap on Edit profile
  3. In the Personal Information section, You will find Name where you can edit your Instagram name.
  4. Then after changing your name Save it by clicking of Bluetick in the right top corner.

If you want to change your Instagram name without waiting 14 days. Go to the Instagram setting.

And then help center and select Report a problem.

Then select report feedback and fill that form with the screenshot in which this message is coming “You can’t change your name right now because you’ve changed it twice within 14 days”. and Send it. Also, watch this video in case you have ay doubt!


It totally depends on your luck as Instagram help and the support team does not review all reported feedback and reported problems.

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