[Reason] Why TikTok Rating Down very badly

Why TikTok ratings going Down day by day

But in May 2020 within 10 days then TikTok rating falls down very badly from 4.6 to 3.2 and still going down day by day there are many reasons behind this the main reason is YOUTUBE VS TIKTOK the fight against Indian YouTubers and TikTokers proving them superior. The YOUTUBE VS TIKTOK started after the Indian YouTuber Elvish Yadav makes Roasting Video TikTokers and then from Nowhere a TikToker Amir Siddiqui came with an IGTV video uploaded on Instagram defaming and targeting all YouTubers claiming all false statements and trying to manipulating in her audience but then after her video got viral across Youtube, Instagram, and social media the YouTubers and users get outraged on Amir IGTV video and then YouTubers started making more Roasting video on Amir Siddiqui and everything was normal until the real gangster and #1 roaster in India CarryMinati Roasted and fried up Amir Siddiqui in his new video: YOUTUBE VS TIKTOK: THE END and this video breaks many records and soon going to break worlds Most liked nonmusic video on Youtube YOUTUBE VS TIKTOK: THE END Already crossed 10 million likes. But Amir Siddiqui gets offended by CarryMinati video and started playing Victim Card by making video and converting this drama into HINDU-MUSLIM (religion) and the next day suddenly CarryMinati video YOUTUBE VS TIKTOK: THE END taken down by Youtube for Violating youtube term and services.

This how TikTok Ratings is Decreased

As soon whole Youtube India community, Memers or meme pages, and Celebrity stand with CarryMinati. This was the turning point for TikTok Rating user started hating TikTok for promoting garbage content and promoting TikTokers like Amir Siddiqui the fans and users started uninstalling TikTok App and giving a 1-star rating. And app users tweets #banTikTok with over 100k Tweets on twitter for government to ban the TikTok app permanently. Also, people search for: TikTok vs youtube, youtube vs TikTok, tiktok rating down, tiktok rating decrease, tiktok rating going down, tiktok rating fall down,

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