How to Delete or Hide About button, Three Dots in Thunkable

Thunkable is the platform where anyone can build their own mobile apps. Available for iOS and Android. thunkable, app inventor, Makeroid and Appy builder all are an easy and same platform to build apps but in order to promote their website so while you building your app on these platforms, you may notice that there is an auto-generated component on your every app screen called About. In which there is clearly mention this app is built with or respectively brand name.

This doesn’t look good, premium, and professional in the app to delete or hide this about the component or three dots we have two methods.
Note: This tutorial is basically for thunkable classic but you can implement these methods to other platforms also.

Method 1: Hide the Title Bar (non – visible title)
Using this method you easily remove or hide the three dots or about screen components. To this, you need to go first to your app project screen in which you have to hide then move to screen properties scroll down and at last you will see there is an option show title visible all you have to unselect or untick the title visible.

Method 2: change the thunkable URL with your URL or text (exchange) but to work with this method make sure you are familiar with Blocks editor.

  • Select the desired screen¬†
  • Go to the block editor
  • Select screen component and pull down When Screen initialize.
  • Then Scroll down in screen component try to g down in green color blocks where you will find set Screen. About Screen to
  • Now choose pink color only Text block.
  • In Textbox – Visit:<!–¬†(Change the URL according to you don’t put this URL)

An image here for better understanding
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