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The app needs Internet Access to work 

How to make an app in Thunkable which allow the user to run the app if there is an internet connection and if there is no internet connection the warning appears app needs an internet connection to work or try again later.

Note: These methods will work with other app builders as well like:- App inventor, Appy builder, and Makeroid.

App will work only when user is connected to internet use the below methods to implement.

Method 1: direct using a free extension (Download from here)
Introducing Simple Tools extension. It will give you 3 different 


  • Show message function

This little function allows you to show a simple toast message with a text. If app is not connected to internet an Error message will pop up.

  • Get random function

This function picks a random number between the minimum value and maximum value. 

  • IsConnected function

This amazing function returns true if the device is connected to the internet, otherwise false.

Method 2: just using the Inbuilt component (recommended and effective)
Components required – one notifier, one Activity starter, one clock and at last one Web.
Add all the components given above in your screen.
Configure in web SET URL: www.google.com .
Now in activity starter properties Add to Action slot: android.intent.action.VIEW .
And At last in Clock TICK on both option and Set timer intervals: 6000ms (recommended). You can set the value according to you.
Now Block coding Time please check the image below for further development.


This method is recommended and feasible and allow users you many features like:
If there is no internet connection notifier will pop up and allow the user to connect to the internet via, device setting, close application, or try again.
if you have a doubt with regards block diagram just comment down we will reply you ASAP.

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