AdMob live ads are Not Showing in real Device

Why Google AdMob Live Ads are Not Showing in Real Device

AdMob live ads are not showing

There are many reasons behind the AdMob real ads that are not showing in your device.

If you are using AdMob for showing Ads on your Android app. Here you will find some good practice which will help you to overcome this problem. 

Test ads are serving fine but real ads are not showing in the real device.

  • AdMob SDK implementation
  • New Ad unit Take the time (up to 12hrs)
  • No ads fit for your app
  • Update your manifest if you are using Android Studio
  • Check your AdMob Ad unit
  • Sometime AdMob Live ads have shown up when your app is published on google play store.
  • Replace old Ad unit and Add new Ad unit
  • Try to contact the Google AdMob Forum.
Let’s get started with some major solutions which will help you to show live ads in the real device:
1. Make sure you have implemented AdMob SDK properly in your app. If you are not sure about your implementation please go through this guide get started with AdMob.
2. If the implementation is done correctly then make sure you are using the AD unit which is created at least 12 hours ago. Admob new ad unit takes more than 12 hours to serve real ads.
3. Maybe there are no ads fit for your app at that time which AdMob network can serve depends on your location and region.
4. Make sure to update your manifest if you are using Android Studio. Admob ads need an internet connection to request and show real-time ads on the app. In case you forget to add uses permission in manifest add the following code in the manifest of your android app.
<uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.INTERNET” />
<uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE”/>
5. Check your AdMob Ad unit using the Sample App to load ads with your Ad unit Ids using the Sample Apps.
NOTE: According to Officially Google, AdMob – developers are not allowed to view or click on Real ads else it will be count as invalid activity. And if try to breaches the rule ultimately it will result in account suspension or permanently disabling your account. (Always test your app the sample Ad units).
6. Sometimes live AdMob ads shown up when you have published your app in google play store.
7. At last, but not recommended remove your old Ad unit and Add a new Ad unit (sometimes there is a bug in the ad unit).
8. If you have tried every method mentioned above and now you are tired. Try to contact the Google AdMob SDK forum.
Good Luck 😉

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