Why Facing Slow Loading AdMob Ads in App

Facing Slow Loading Admob Ads in app?

If you are facing slow loading AdMob ads in your app here you will find the solution by which you can load AdMob ads efficiently. Nowadays, most new developers have the same question.

Why Slow loading AdMob ads in apps?

Actually Admob ads take some time to load and then shown up depending upon many factors:

  1. The application users network speed or internet speed.
  2. The application user location(regions or country) depends.
  3. Placement of Ads in your Application.
  4. And the code implementation method is done by the developer in the Android application.
  5. Use the Official Google AdMob Method for implementing Admob Ads in your Apps.

How to load AdMob Ads faster in your application.

Try the few things which can help a lot to load ads faster and make every Ad request into Ad Impression.
AdView increases app load time. For better performance of AdMob ads in application move the ad code into a delay handler(within onCreate).

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Use limited ad unit in one activity- One Ad Unit ID for all banner ads inside your app and different Ad Unit ID for each interstitial ads inside the same app. The number of ads using in the Activity- The more ads you are placing in single activity the more internet data it requires to request and load the ad. Avoid usage of spam ads in your application. Don’t place Admob ads where the application is carrying out multiple tasks at the same time over the internet.

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Pro Tip:

Try to use splash screen Activity to load your ads in the background during the splash activity. Implement a progress bar which will make application user wait until the Admob Ads show. Which will ultimately increase the Impression and increase the match rate.

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