Diwali Real Cracker Game | Happy Diwali Game Download

Diwali real cracker game

An initiative Let’s play Ecco Friendly Diwali by downloading Diwali Real Cracker Game. About Diwali festivalDiwali or Deepavali is celebrated two to five days (depending as per Calendar) Diwali is a festival of lights and the biggest festival in India, celebrated by every religion by Hindu, Jain, Sikh and some Buddhist and more every winter or autumn in the northern region. … Read more

6 Ways to Reduce App size Android APK | App Builder

Reduce the app size in Thunkable, Appybuilder, App builder, Makroid, or MIT app inventor. Why reduce the size of your app APK?A user usually tries to avoid downloading or installing apps that are larger in size. This article explains the possible ways to minimize the application size in Thunkable, Appybuilder, MIT App inventor( Massachusetts Institute … Read more

4 Things to remember to make Professional Android App

Things to Remember Make Professional Android App Remember Before Making a Professional Android App it Depends On Certain conditions and Money available for meeting your demand.  Here are some important things to remember before making a Professional Android App: App Requirement Choosing the Correct Platform (Android Studio) recommended Budget for App Quick start with App building … Read more

Why Facing Slow Loading AdMob Ads in App

Why Slow Loading AdMob Ads

Facing Slow Loading Admob Ads in app? If you are facing slow loading AdMob ads in your app here you will find the solution by which you can load AdMob ads efficiently. Nowadays, most new developers have the same question. Why Slow loading AdMob ads in apps? Actually Admob ads take some time to load … Read more

The Private Key Does not match the Certificate we know for this App.

The Generated Signed APK SHA1 Certificate Error App upload failed. App Signing Keystore from MIT app inventor or thunkable private key does not match the certificate. Why did APK Upload fail in google play console? This Error occurs in the google play console because when the developer uploads APK that is signed with a different certificate … Read more

Best 15+ Android Developer Forums, Community Sites List

Android developer support and Helpful Online Forums List. App development or Android App development is leading technology growing well because of smartphones. To clear doubts and improve the knowledge on app developments there are a lot of forums on there. What are android development and help and supports forums? An Online forum is associated as … Read more

Thunkable vs Android Studio | Which is Best for App making?

Android Studio vs Thunkable which App maker is best for making Apps Thunkable Disadvantage compare to Android Studio Admob Ads does not work properly with online App maker Thunkable takes 2% on your income from Admob earnings Not give the Flexibility to design UI Not involve coding Not make you feel like a developer Not … Read more