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5 Best Trick to get XYZ domain Google AdSense approval

If you have a New Website or Blog with .XYZ domain then Congratulation you are eligible to get Google AdSense Approval on a blog Xyz. Whether you are a Blogger or WordPress user we will teach you how to get google AdSense approval on the XYZ domain for a website. Also, we recently already got AdSense approval with a new domain on this blog which is also an XYZ domain.

So, today I will share some best tips and tricks for XYZ domain AdSense approval by Using 5 Simple trick.

How to Get AdSense Approval on Blog with XYZ domain

XYZ domain Google AdSense approval

However, To get Google AdSense Approval instantly you need to work hard and smartly for getting your site for AdSense. Before we start let me clear you somethings which you should keep in your mind before sending your site Under Review for the approval process.

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Especially, When we talk about Google AdSense the very first thing you should keep in mind is: AdSense is the best Ad network in the world to monetize your new blog site. As they pay a very good amount of money to publishers but they have also very strict policies you can read the Policies from here AdSense Program Policy.

Best Practices to get AdSense approved blog for XYZ domain

Additionally, you should always have to be consistent and serious for your Blog site, By regularly posting meaningful and useful Articles on your Blog site. Let’s start sharing some cool tricks for you:

If you or your friend are Good at article writing but they are not getting AdSense Approval No need to worry We are hiring and pay a good amount to article writers for our which is AdSense approve blog Read more: Work For us and Earn money.

Get Google AdSense Approval using 5 Best Tricks

  • Check Whether you Own TLD

TLD stands for Top Level Domain which is necessary and plays a vital role to get AdSense approval. Also, the good news is dot XYZ domain comes under TLD and you are Officially eligible for AdSense.

As Officially mentioned on the Google AdSense blog they only give Approval to TLD (top-level domain) you can check from here whether your Own TLD or Not – List of all Top-level domain.

  • Avoid Posting Content on Restricted Category

They are some content category which is restricted by Google AdSense. Obviously, If you are posting content in one of them category maybe this is the perfect reason which is stopping you from getting Google AdSense approval. Here are some Restricted Category mentioned below:

  1. Illegal content
  2. Distributing Software or apps Hacking and Cracking Content
  3. Copied Content
  4. Drugs related Content
  5. Malicious or unwanted software
  6. Sexually explicit content
  7. Weapon ex: guns, bullets related Content
  8. Online gambling

For All List Visit: Google Publisher Restrictions Policies.

  • 3 Types of Sites which Get Approval

See what are 3 types of sites which can instantly get you Google AdSense approval. Moreover, these sites have a huge potential to gain more visitors on a particular topic and have Quality AdSense Revenue. Make sure your blog site comes under one of these categories which will fulfill AdSense content requirement.

  1. A Blog Site (example: geeks for geeks,
  2. Forum Site (ex: Quora, Reddit, etc..)
  3. Free Online Tool Site (ex: small SEO tool, image resize tool, downloader sites, and many more..)

Read more about these Sites in Full details from Google AdSense resources site.

  • Use Google AdSense Ready Theme

Your Website theme plays a major role to get Google AdSense approval. Firstly, for Blogger users I will recommend using default themes. The themes which are already present in your Blogger Account. But if you are willing to use a Custom theme for your Blog site which is hosted on Then I will Recommend your some best free theme for your blogger blog:

  1. Sora Seo 2 Blogger Template
  2. FastPro Blogger Template
  3. UltraLite Theme

Secondly, if you are a WordPress user then you should use Ads ready theme consider using the following themes:

  1. Astra WP theme – Lightweight, Fast
  2. Hestia theme – Best Multipurpose
  3. ColorMag theme – #1 Magazine in 2020
  • Have Quality and Good Number of Post

Finally, to get Google AdSense approval with your custom Domain whether .com, .xyz,, .in, .tk, .ml etc. Without a doubt, you must have unique, quality content and a good number of post which must be well written, structured, and updated.

According to sources, your Blog site must have 15 to 30 articles. Either you have a micro-niche site or you are focusing on a particular niche. It should be noted avoid having mixed content which leads confusing your visitors and Adsense team.

Hope above all practices help you to get quickly Google AdSense approved on your site.

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